XCLUSIVEAPPARELUK  was created to provide the world with the most exclusive and sought-after sold-out fashion pieces at the best price possible. We aim to build a personal relationship with all clients so we can better understand your needs and cater to them. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority and holds much more weight than any monetary value. Due to this, you can expect nothing short of exceptional customer service, and our team will always be on hand to cater to your specific requirements to the best of our ability. Having only been established in 2020, we already have thousands of clients who use and trust our services and an Instagram following of over 14,000. We hope you can put faith in our company and today can be the day we begin to service your needs! 100% AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEED, WE DO NOT CONDONE THE SALE OF REPLICAS OR COUNTERFEIT ITEMS!


Having been born and raised in the city of London, the evolution of fashion was showcased right before my eyes. Throughout this evolution, one constant always remained - people want the exclusives. People want what other people don't have. People want the items you can no longer just walk into a store and purchase - and that's when I thought of XCLUSIVEAPPARELUK. There's nothing worse than not being able to find that one item you so desperately want, or need to complete that fit. So, I wanted to be the person to start providing a solution to this problem so many people have. Whilst studying at the University of Warwick, I started just sourcing a few items for friends before my contact got given to influencers, artists, athletes, and more. Before I knew it, my brand was growing faster than I could ever comprehend and I'm proud for XCLUSIVEAPPARELUK to be recognised as one of the most trusted suppliers of exclusive fashion pieces in the world.


We are always partnering with brands/influencers to do giveaways and showcase fashion - below are a few of the brands/influencers we have partnered up with:

Missy Empire | Instagram: @missyempire
Clarisse Juliettè | Instagram: @clarissejuliette
Shannon Nicole | Instagram: @_shannonnicole
Tatiana Makepeace | Instagram: @_tatianalorenzo_


    We have an awesome Customer Support team that works 7 Days a week to get back to you at your earliest convenience. Whether it's just a general enquiry, or you need assistance in picking out a gift that will arrive by your requested date - we're here to help! You can get in contact with us via chatbot, Instagram DM, or Email!

    Email: info@xclusiveappareluk.com
    Instagram: @XclusiveApparelUK | @XclusiveTreatzUK

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