What To Wear With New Balance Trainers

The retro dad trainers are back in style! All the biggest fashion bloggers have been seen wearing their favourite type of New Balance trainers. Even high profile athletes, Hollywood stars and supermodels are often seen wearing the brand. Timothée Chalamet seems to love the Jaden Smith-designed Vision Racers, Tom Holland is known to favour the 237s, when Zoë Kravitzs is team 99s. Even the queen of style and glamour, Rihanna, is a fan of the brand. 

In the past few months, the athleisure trend of 2020/2021 has dwindled in popularity. Indeed, people are going back to work and are going out once again. Most of us want to dress up and keep the gym leggings for relaxing TV evenings. However, this does not mean that comfortable clothes are going out the window. After two years of matching pyjama sets, it’s hard to go back to uncomfortable jeans and stilettos. The answer lies in a middle ground between style and comfort. Which describes New Balance perfectly. All of their models are comfortable and easy to wear.

And honestly, we love this New Balance trend! Our favourite pair is the New Balance 550, obviously. They are possibly the most popular shoes on the market right now. They have been selling like hot cakes, and we expect to see that trend continue in the future. We believe it has something to do with their unrivalled adaptability, high-quality craftsmanship, reasonable pricing and 90s-Dad vibes. Possibly just the 90s-Dad look. 

If you are a New Balance 550 newbie, you might not be sure on how to style them. But fear no more, we are here to help!

A gender neutral and modern look.

The New Balance 550 are, quite honestly, every minimalist and neutral lover's dream, serving as a blank canvas on which you may meticulously pick shades of nude, brown, and white to surround yourself with. Find "New Balance 550 Outfits" on Pinterest, and you'll be confronted with an array of neutral-toned ensembles, each of which is completed with a pair of New Balances. Don’t hesitate to check on the fashion side of Instagram as well, you will find a multitude of outfit ideas to show off your 550s. 

Quick outfit idea: opt for a pair of New Balance 550 with an oversized blazer,  straight leg jeans, a tight fitted t-shirt and chunky jewellery.

A “pop of colour” look.

For those of you who prefer a bolder look, go for a more colourful edition of the New Balance 550 to create a brighter and more exciting look. Consider making the accent colour of your 550's the focal point of your outfit, and trust us when we say that any outfit you put together will exude freshness and fun. We recommend matching your shoes to your coat or your top, and making sure you have a variety of coloured bottoms to break up the tones in order to properly nail this style. 

Quick outfit idea: For feminine and softer look, opt for a flowy summer dress and a chunky cardigan. For a more masculine look pair a puffer jacket with a pair of light blue straight legged jeans (the same colour as your shoes for best effect).